Tips To Get Hands On Prime-Quality Wholesale Beads For Jewellery Making

Working as a jewellery wholesaler since a decade, I have gained immense knowledge about this ever-evolving industry. In these years, I have dealt with a plenty of customers. Every customer used to come up with his own unique specifications. The primary objective of my bulk gemstones business has always been customer satisfaction. Probably, this was one of the reasons why my business relationships lasted longer. I was committed to deliver top-notch quality products at competitive prices to my retail clients.

One of the important tasks for gemstone bead wholesalers is to lay hands on the right bulk beads for jewelry making. From finding the appropriate outlet to selecting the prime-quality beads, the job is as easy as it may seem. With most of the local stores falling short of unique beads like glass beads, shell, wooden, and other beads, jewelry designers and wholesalers have to connect with the online jewelry stores to buy beads in bulk.

However, there are a few essentials to keep in mind while going for online ‘beads’ purchase:

The foremost thing that seeks your attention is bead description. In case, the sellers chose not to reveal the minute details about the beads, then take as a hint of deceit. Incomplete or improper product description may indicate an inferior quality of beads. On websites where you have found relevant descriptions, look for other essential details such as whether they are chemically treated or dyed or otherwise. You do not realise but these little details unfold many secrets about the beads.

Another important aspect is to ask the seller directly about the clear pictures of the beads. Online images are deceptive. The other day, I placed an order of glass beads looking at the product images on a site of a reputed jewellery seller. To my surprise, what I was handed was some low-quality beads. Thus, before buying bulk beads, analyze their quality thoroughly and then invest your money.

Before jumping onto the company policy, shipping details, mode of payment details, determine the number of beads you shall be getting your hands on. Moreover, if the deal seems economical, you should not miss it.

To examine the bead quality, initially place a small order. This is a smart trick which many local artisans practice while placing their bulk orders with gemstone bead wholesalers. It is not necessary that every type of bead shall suit your requirements and preferences. So, test and see for yourself which works the best for your project.

My wholesale journey has been a beautiful phase of my life. Learnt many lessons, committed many mistakes, gained experience and eventually, I groomed as an individual as well as a businessman.

If you are too planning to start a business dealing in bulk gemstones, then feel free to connect with us!

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