Six Fascinating Facts About Moonstones

The popularity of moonstones has been widespread since many centuries. Some believe that it is created by the moonbeams while others consider it as a healing stone. But there is a lot more to it. From its history to its creation and from its unique features to its modern day use. Are you really intrigued to know more about moonstones? Well, this article covers everything from common to rare facts and beyond.

Whether you’re an owner of a jewellery shop or you’re planning to purchase moonstone in the future, it is important you understand the gemstone beads wholesale really well.

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Fascinating Facts About Moonstones

  • You might know that moonstone is a mineral. But did you know that what it is made up? Moonstone is constituted of potassium aluminium silicate. It belongs to orthoclase feldspar group. It is quite easy to differentiate it from other stones which seem similar to the moonstone on the basis of prevalence of adularescence. However like a couple of labradorite stones, moonstone exhibits optical characteristics. While the labradorite stones belong to plagioclase feldspar class which comprises of calcium, the latter belongs to orthoclase feldspar which is constituent of potassium.

  • Have you heard about adularescence? Well, it refers to an optical occurrence that results into a divine luster on the outer surface of the moonstone. It is a mesmerizing phenomenon. Pretty much like the moonlight travels over the tranquil water bodies, the light rays flow over the moonstone. This occurs when the thin coating of various feldspar minerals inside the moonstone is reflected off by the light. The thin coats serve as diffusers, moderating the light and enabling it to widespread over the moonstone.

  • Moonstones are delicate and breakable: On the Mohs Scale of hardness, moonstone stands at a  position between 6 and 6.5. Although moonstones are subject to damage because of the cleavage that lies within the stone. Generally,  moonstones are crafted into beautiful pair of earrings and necklaces. Moonstone rings are a rare piece of jewellery as the stones do not have the capacity to bear hard blows.

  • History of Moonstone: It is considered that moonstones are created from the beams of moon embracing the Mother Earth. Interestingly, the prehistoric traditions and cultures desired for moonstone and discovered the origins of the stone as beautiful as the stone itself. Many people believe that the moon derives energy and magical powers from the moon itself. If you’re looking for a gemstone that will paint your life with fortune and true love, then moonstone is the one that is made for you.

  • It exhibits metaphysical features: Moonstones are popularly known as the healing stones. These stones possess various metaphysical properties such as

  1. Improves the power of intuition

  2. Sets a balance between different human emotions.

  3. Boosts up self-confidence of the wearer.

  4. Enhances mental calmness in the wearer’s body.

  5. Creates zeal and passion towards life

  6. Enables wearer to accept fluctuations in life with open arms.

  7. Represents peace and harmony.

  • Rainbow Moonstone beads are labradorite: To be precise, rainbow moonstone is indeed a crystal clear form of labradorite. One of the major similarities between rainbow moonstones and the ordinary moonstones is that they sparkle a milky bluish luster. If you observe closely, rainbow moonstone beads exhibit bluish shades or rainbow hues on a crystalline stone whereas the usual moonstones exhibit a soft whiteness or a grayish tinge over an opaque stone.

Now you know, almost all the major facts and characteristics of moonstones. Don’t you think, it’s the right time to grab gemstone beads wholesale? Hunt for the most prettiest moonstone beads and create your own personalised jewellery. Wish you a great luck!

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