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From Formation To Characteristics – Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Moonstones

After a heavy downpour, every eye is glued at the vast sky to witness the spectacular rainbow. Rainbow moonstones is one of the sought after natural gemstone beads in the market. With an alluring silky-white gleam of the beautiful moon, rainbow moonstone beads are assumed to possess extraordinary characteristics that closely resemble multiple colours of the rainbow. Since many centuries, this stone has been known for its magical properties. Where a dazzling piece of diamond can be found in dark coal mines, a shining moonstone is extracted from dark molten rock below or inside the earth’s crust.

Have you ever wondered how rainbow moonstone is formed?

Typically, these splendid stones are discovered in places which encounter hydrothermal and volcanic happenings. Called as orthoclase or feldspar stone, usually this rock is classified into two categories. One is a mix of sodium (Na) and calcium ( Ca) whereas the second one mostly comprises of chemical potassium. Orthoclase is a feldspar mineral which is found in abundance in continental crust. Though the emergence of this gem occurs only when this stone comes in contact with water and fuming dense magma. On exposure with water, the burning liquid magma begins to settle down. Further, the minerals cluster together for the formation of crystals within the rocks having  a probability of volcanic eruption. These crystals discharge layer by layer. Could you give a quick guess as how long as this activity takes? The occurrence of a single piece of this stone takes some millions of years. Also, the moonstone derives its hue and spark from this long process.

Features Of Rainbow Moonstone

Have you ever noticed that rainbow moonstone beads have a greater degree of transparency in comparison to usual silky-white moonstone? Though the former also inherits many properties of a regular moonstone. On Mohs scale of hardness, it bears a weight of about six. Due to its unique characteristics, it has a potential to exhibit various colours such as pink, grey, blue, green, purple, and yellow. Coming from the silicate mineral family, it possesses a monoclinic crystal mechanism. Generally, this crystal tendency is termed as Eudedral or Anhedral. If you have ever had a close glance at these stones, you will realise that two different stones exhibit uniform and uneven patterns and designs respectively.

Some Physical Characteristics

People prefer rainbow moonstone for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Many people believe it to be a feminine stone. So, it advances multiple benefits to women.
  • For women suffering from hormonal instabilities, this stone does wonders. It has certain characteristics that improve menstrual cycles and menopause.
  • It is also of great help in management of angry and stress.
  • This stone also cures issues relating to digestion and obesity. Swelling caused due to accumulation of excess blood within one’s body can also be cured through this moonstone.

Apart from this, these natural gemstone beads hold mystical powers which strengthen family relations. If you are looking for peace and harmony, wear this marvellous gem. Everything from welfare to peace, will come to you.

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